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You play as an alchemist set in an elemental world. The world has been invaded by enemies and you need to save it!

Kill enemies and collect their souls in order to combine them with your attacks on an alchemy table. You start out with tier 1 attacks but elements can be combined in order to get much higher and much stronger attacks to save the world. 

Move : WASD/Arrow-Keys/Left Joystick
     Interact : F/X-Button
     Attacks :
          1 : U/L-Button
          2 : I/R-Button
          3 : O/L-Trigger
          4 : P/R-Trigger
     Pause Menu : Escape/B-Button
     TAB Menu: TAB/Back-Button (Hold)

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Authorsgeist_191, shivivats, Mathew Sherry


SpellShift.rar 12 MB

Install instructions

Download the game, unpack it with 7zip, winrar or anything similar and open the "SpellShift.exe" file.

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