A downloadable game for Windows

!!!! ATTENTION !!!!
Hitboxes are quite tight in this game. AND pay attention to the top bar! Transforming things will consume "darkness"  (the bar on top). If it goes to 100% or 0% you die! Transformed objects will kill you and the enemy.

A cute little horror game about the tiny girl Mina that got struck by the demons that inhabit this dark world. Help her find her teddy. It is her last hope to ever see her mom and dad again. 

Don't let the dark side take over. 

Transform objects to release the darkness inside. 

But be careful. She needs the darkness to live on. 

Watch out for the creatures in the dark. 



Created for the WowieGameJam 2019. 

Music from https://freesound.org/.
Art by Nippaaah
Coding by geist_191

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
Authorsgeist_191, Nippaaah
GenreSurvival, Adventure
Tags2D, creeoy, Creepy, Cute, Game Jam, Horror, Singleplayer, teddy

Install instructions

Download the file, unzip it and click on the .exe file. Made in Unity. 


OneOfThem.zip 29 MB


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it is a fun game and i love it

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I wish this game was a little bigger. And perhaps a storyline. Either way I had fun


Thank you for playing it! We are planning on creating a full game out of it with a whole backstory and new ideas. Glad you had fun! 

Ohhhh I would love to try that. This game was awesome


A LITTLE BIT TO SHORT,  BUT I KINDA LIKE IT <3 Thank You for the game! Greetings from Germany :D

thank you very much for playing our game. We really appreciate that :)


Thank you for the game really enjoyed it.

Thank you very much for playing it !! Awesome video! 

We are currently getting a lot of media attention on this game and are curious where you found it.

I was Browsing in itch.io as i do every Monday to upload for Tuesday saw the game look interesting, the rest is history. 

Oh, thank for letting us know. If we may, we would share the video on our twitter account?

ok that's cool 


Seriously? that was just behind me all this time? hahaha... it's short but I kinda like it!

I hope you don't mind if I upload my gameplay in youtube, I want to share it with my friends.

Thank You for the game! Keep up the good work!

Hey ! Nice video. Thank you for playing our game :)




Hey, thank you for playing our game!:)

The reason you died so often is because of the demon power being on 0 or 100% killing the little kid because her body can‘t handle it.

Nice video, it was fun to watch.