A downloadable game for Windows

Submitted to Ludum Dare 44.

Descend into the depths of hell to save your wife from eternal doom! You have been cursed to face an endless journey through the dark underworld. A journey to only be ended by finding the one you love &  lost! 

Made by:
Maria Efthymiadou - Artist, Game Designer, Animator (@thenippaaah)
Simon Bernard - Programmer, Artist, Game Designer 
Thomas Rizzolli - Programmer, Level Designer 

*** Sound has not been designed by us, we have found all the free samples on freesound.org *** 

Small bug: At the second level the first respawn has a camera offset, every consecutive respawn works fine though.

Edit: Updated the description, title and added screenshots (6 h after deadline)


TheDescend.zip 30 MB

Install instructions

Download, unpack and open the Descend.exe file

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